Anonymous said: You ask me to message you on Facebook. It's what I did so now the ball is on your side and me too I don't know you but the only way to know me is to meet me. Je suis just un guy qui veut rencontre quelque personnes.

"I would love to see you again"
Where have you seen me?

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I love this place (at Whangamata Beach)

Anonymous said: Hey it's the frenchy i sent you an invitation on Facebook. My name is charles

I don’t even know you dude

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Anonymous said: I would like to see you again. Who I'm if i tell you I'm french maybe you will remember me.

I’m sure I would love to meet you again also! Message me :)

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my blog will make you horny ;)

Anonymous said: Hey its sound crazy what i'm going but i don't know many people at christchurch. I'll be glad to see you again for a coffee or a dinner. Who i'm if i tell you i'm french. Do you remenber me?

Your English is really cute! Are you are girl or a guy??? Please message me on Facebook! :)

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